rolling stones

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Remus says:
at: 07 novembro, 2014 16:37 disse...

Estas pedras estão guardadas para serem atiradas à cabeça de quem?
Espero que não seja à minha...

Contrastes, enquadramento, composição, texturas... todo perfeito.

Luis Serrano says:
at: 07 novembro, 2014 16:48 disse...

Minimalísmo puro y duro y alto diseño. Me encanta. Un abrazo

Jutta.K. says:
at: 07 novembro, 2014 18:30 disse...

This is a great shot !
I like it so much.
Greetings from Germany

Dragonstar says:
at: 07 novembro, 2014 18:36 disse...

Very attractive stones, and perfectly arranged.

at: 07 novembro, 2014 19:03 disse...

I can hear them - very nice composition.

sunshine says:
at: 07 novembro, 2014 19:53 disse...

Wow, impressive shot.

Ileana says:
at: 07 novembro, 2014 19:56 disse...


lina@my home sweet home says:
at: 08 novembro, 2014 03:00 disse...

Artistic shot.

Annette P.-L. says:
at: 08 novembro, 2014 11:28 disse...

Absolutely great compostion! Wonderful in B&W!

Laura says:
at: 08 novembro, 2014 21:20 disse...

I love the simple elegance of this image! I do hope you will participate in the Gratitude Quilt this year it is simple to do and will make your heart happy when you see the love unfurl on Nov 27th. Instructions and a link explaining this project if you don't know about it yet can be found at the top of my blog, if I've already asked you I apologize for being annoying :-)

Unknown says:
at: 10 novembro, 2014 07:31 disse...

Lovely work and title.

https://cesarhdiago-fotografia.blogspot.com/ says:
at: 12 novembro, 2014 19:21 disse...

Minimalismo puro. Una gran composición.
Un abrazo.

Jarek says:
at: 14 novembro, 2014 07:30 disse...

Beautiful simple photo! Just great minimalism!

Debbie at Travel with Intent says:
at: 14 novembro, 2014 18:33 disse...

Lovely composition

strandskatan says:
at: 17 novembro, 2014 07:06 disse...

Amazing photo :) I love it :)

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